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     Getting There Newzealnd Kingfish

New Zealand Kingfish Adventure:

Travel to Auckland situated on the north island. From there you have the option of taking a connecting flight to Tauranga. We can assist with travel to Tauranga. The Charter package departure location is ex Tauranga New Zealand, which is your accommodation base for the duration of your trip.

Each morning you’ll step onto the fishing boat from your hotel wharf for a full day’s fishing on the water and dropped off in the evening, directly in front of your hotel. The fishing grounds are only 30 minutes away and team with the largest known Kingfish in the world according to IGFA records! The average kingie is around 15kgs in this area, but fish over 35kgs are commonly encountered. Be assured no matter where you are coming from or time of year, there are always options and locations with spectacular sport fishing.

Getting to New Zealnd for Kingfish Sport fishing